20th April 2013


Gnosis Strata Damn Us →

2013. April. Boston Marathon. 

19th April 2013

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Adrienn Banhegyi is a performer with Cirque de Soleil and holds two world records for jump roping. And this is why.

18th April 2013


The Immense Enervation of Distraction →

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12th April 2013

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Gnosis →

Gnostic gospels, anyone? 

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5th April 2013

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Framework ➾ Luke Gram

I got bored so I did alittle experimentation with photoshop.

Basically the whole premise is exploring depth and design in nature, and I envisioned it as how the world would appear if an architect was drawing the original, underlying draft.

Essentially it’s the framework of the earth which intrigued me.

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3rd April 2013


Democratic Socialists (Climate Change) →

Reality is not optional. 

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18th January 2013


A Briefing on Imperial American Gun Control →

All the braying jackasses care about is a political opportunity from the Newtown deaths at the hands of a young, deranged madman. 

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18th January 2013


Fire at The Osbourne Mansion →

Just another day at the Osbourne mansion

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17th January 2013


A Taste of a 30-something's Personal Finance Moves →

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6th December 2012

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Blue snails atop the Milanese cathedral. →


Art at a Snail’s Pace

You’ve finally made it, after a breathless climb up the winding marble staircase, to the upper terrace of the Duomo di Milano — the famed Cathedral of Milan, Italy, and the fourth largest in the world. You flip through your guide book. A towering forest of ornate spires, the same ones that enchanted the literary likes of Mark Twain and Henry James? Check. The hundred gruesome gargoyles, staring down from their marble perches? Check. There is the precious white marble, quarried from Candoglia, and a view of the Italian Swiss Alps in the distance (amid the smog). And yet, if you happened to be one of thousands of tourists who visited the Duomo two months ago, there was also something out of place — a bit of modernity sticking out among the 14th-century Gothic masterpiece.

There, slinking across the cathedral’s steps and roof, were dozens of bright blue plastic snails.

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